Figure 1 Tool operation drawing

Achievement after achievement was consistently presented by Poliwangi students, this time coming from the Informatics Engineering Study Program. Members of Refita Dinda Cahyani Putri, Eka Listiyaningsih Ayu Wardani, Muhammad Wildan Alviandi Munir under the name Oxygen Team managed to win 3rd place in the Internet of Things (IoT) category at the 2021 PNB IT Competition. This IoT-based tool was created based on current needs as a Covid patient monitoring tool -19 who experience Happy Hypoxia with indications of a drastic decrease in oxygen levels in the body in a short time, even causing the patient to die from lack of oxygen. With the creation of this tool is expected to be able to detect early levels of oxygen in the body as a prevention effort. On Sunday (19/9/2021) the Final Competition organized by the Bali State Polytechnic was announced with the winners in the IoT category as 1st Place Team from PENS, 2nd Place from Polines Team and 3rd Place won by Poliwangi.

Figure 2 Final Presentation of the PNB IT Competition for the IoT category

"According to data from the Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force, the number of confirmed patients with COVID-19 has increased, followed by an increase in the number of deaths due to COVID-19," said Refita as Head of the Poliwangi Oxygen Team. He explained that this condition was exacerbated by the presence of a new variant of COVID-19. Common symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients are cough, fever, flu and pneumonia-like symptoms. Another symptom that is often experienced is happy hypoxia. Happy hypoxia is difficult to identify because it does not cause physical symptoms other than a decrease in oxygen saturation levels in the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to measure oxygen saturation. In the market, oxygen saturation measuring devices already exist, but most patients have difficulty in reading the instrument and the monitoring data is not stored so that patients cannot see their monitoring history. Therefore, an internet of things-based oxygen and heart rate measuring instrument was made. This tool has been integrated with the android application and website so that patients using the device can easily monitor oxygen in the body. "With this innovation, it is hoped that it will make it easier for patients and medical staff to monitor and examine COVID-19 self-isolated patients," he concluded.

Figure 3 Polywangi Oxygen Team

"Alhamdulillah untuk gelaran Kompetisi IoT Nasional di PNB IT ke-13 2021 kita masih diberi kesempatan untuk bisa mendapatkan juara 3, tim sudah melakukan yang terbaik mulai dari persiapan, penyisihan, hingga final, sehingga hasil ini patut kita apresiasi dan dapat memotivasi generasi penerusnya," Ungkap Alfin Hidayat, Dosen Pendamping Tim Oksigen. Ia menambahkan, PNB IoT ke-13 2021 sempat ditunda ditahun 2020 karena pandemi, pada gelaran PNB IoT ke-12 Poliwangi berhasil menyabet juara 2.